Timber Treatment

Fungal Decay

The most common fungal decay problems are Wet and Dry Rots and correct diagnosis is essential.

Less aggressive however requires attention and identification of the source of moisture to enable an effective treatment.


The most widely known wood boring insect is commonly known as Woodworm.

Wood boring insect attack can cause structural damage to properties if left untreated and the most common are as follows:-

All beetles have different characteristics and require specific treatments.

As with all aspects of timber treatments correct diagnosis / identification is essential to ensure the appropriate specification is prepared and expertly carried out. Misidentification will result in unnecessary treatment and expense.



Dry Walls (Rochdale) Limited company guarantees are available for the treatments we undertake.

In addition as members of the P.C.A. we are able to offer the optional cover of G.P.I. insurance back cover for a small premium.  This insurance cover provides protection in the unlikely event that Dry Walls (Rochdale) Limited ceases trading.

Dry Walls (Rochdale) Limited has traded successfully for over 40 years and has a proven track record of servicing guarantees and customer enquiries, guarantees are available for all aspects of specialist treatments:-